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Allerton is one of the country’s oldest public golf courses, with clear opportunities for enhancement and an expanded leisure and social offer. At Allerton Manor, Green Circle inherited a loss-making liability that had been starved of investment, and with Council-budgets under extreme pressure, was poorly maintained and struggling to survive. The clubhouse was neglected, the condition of the course was beginning to deteriorate and there was a real and imminent threat that this much-loved and valued public golf course could cease to exist.

Looking beyond the immediate challenge, we could always see the underlying strength and potential of Allerton Manor and the possibility of creating an outstanding sporting asset and family leisure destination. Following our appointment, we pledged to create a high-quality golf and leisure facility on a par with the best private club facilities, whilst safeguarding the affordable pay and play principle.


Key Achievements

The restoration of the neglected stables block to create a new shop and The Old Stables Restaurant

The creation of Upstairs at the Manor, a multi function event space above The Old Stables

The restoration of the Grade II Listed Manor House to create Fletcher’s Sports Bar

Working with world renowned international golf course design specialists to redesign areas of the course

The Future Vision

Constrained by the short-term nature of the initial 25 year operating lease, however, following a new partnership concordat and subsequent completion of a new institutional 150 year lease agreement with Liverpool City Council, we have developed an ambitious masterplan, with a comprehensive planning application approved by Liverpool City Council.


The remodelling of the course to create a genuine par 72 Championship course, with a new driving range

A new Golf pavilion with shop, changing facilities and training suite

A family friendly Adventure Golf facility

The full restoration and conversion of the Grade II Listed Manor House to create a boutique hotel, spa and function/events suite

Leisure at Allerton Manor

Transforming Golf

Golf is at the heart of all we do. The transformation of previously under utilised green leisure spaces is our forte. At Allerton we have undertaken a substantial transformation of the previous municipal course, with significant landscaping, bringing the course up to a Championship standard and attracting many visitors to Liverpool, as well as the growing numbers of loyal members. Luxury resort standard golf at pay and play prices is our mantra when it comes to the real ‘beautiful game’.

Dining at The Manor

Allerton Manor has become a destination dining hub for South Liverpool and offers four dining choices in total, from the elegance of Upstairs at The Manor, to the more traditional Old Stables, to the sports pub vibe of Fletcher’s and the al fresco fun of The Manor Street Kitchen. Whether indoors or outdoors, there’s always a great deal of choice for the foodie lovers of Liverpool.

Events at The Manor

From Upstairs at The Manor to Fletcher’s Sports Bar, Allerton Manor Golf Club now consists of a range of multi-faceted event spaces fit for events of any occasion. Allerton Manor is able to host a range of events, including weddings, corporate days and celebrations of life to name a few.

History of Allerton Manor

Allerton Manor originally started life as a municipal golf course, and it is in fact thought to be one of the oldest in the country. During the second world war many municipal golf courses where repurposed, which led to Allerton playing an important part in the war efforts. Many of the cities municipal departments, including a section of the military moved to the golf club during them years, and local legend has it that a German plane once came down and ploughed along the 11th fairway!

In the 1960’s the golf course was a favourite haunt of Beatles legends John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who used to use the public right of way on the course as a shortcut to each others houses. Many of the famous Beatles photographs said to have been taken at Sefton Park, are much more likely to have been taken here at the golf course.

However the history of the land and the Manor house itself dates back even further than the 20thcentury, and begins with rich privateering family, The Fletchers, who first arrived in Liverpool in 1750. Using the fortunes they made from privateering The Fletchers purchased 150 acres of land fronting Allerton road, and began to build an impressive mansion. No sooner than this property was built it had  burnt down, but undaunted they rebuilt the mansion, which they named ‘Allerton’.

Testimonials & Awards

“The changes at Allerton Manor over the last 4 years have been incredible. From the condition and management of the course to the quality of the clubhouse, restaurant and changing facilities. There is a real focus on the customer and attention to detail. It feels like a real golf club, but one that is open to everyone.”

Robbie Henderson

Captain of Allerton Manor Golf Club

“We have focused on every aspect of the customer experience from the management and layout of the golf course, the quality of facilities and the wider hospitality and leisure offer. We see Allerton Manor as being more than an excellent and challenging golf course, because our customers want and expect it to be more than that too.”

Craig Coley

Operations Director, Green Circle Leisure

Allerton Manor, Allerton Road, Liverpool L18 3JT

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